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Geogold Kárpátia Ltd.

GEOGOLD KÁRPÁTIA Ltd. provides services in geological and environmental projects and has gained extensive experience in the field of near-surface geophysical surveys and water research. As the legal successor of GeoGold2002 LP, founded in 2002, the company started it’s activities in 2005 with highly experienced geologists and geophysicists.

We have developed excellent relationships with Hungarian universities educating Geological and Geophysical courses, some of their most respected experts are regularly involved in our project.

The company name suggests that from the very beginning we have tried to work not only in Hungary but also in the neighbouring countries. We have been involved in the preparation and implementation of a number of EU-funded groundwater research projects. Currently, beyond the borders of the Carpathian Basin with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we have been carrying out a drinking water research related geophysical assignments, we are utilizing the latest technologies and this approach is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

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