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3 Műegyetem rakpart
Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Faculty of Geology and Geotechnics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Department of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics has a great past in education, research and testing materials. With the expertise that we gain in the field of engineering geological and geotechnical investigations, design, numerical modelling and research, we are usually requested to accomplish more complex industrial assignments. Our accredited laboratory is working on the fields of Soil and Rock mechanics, which provides a great spectrum of investigations. We actively take part in education (BSc, MSc, and PhD courses in English) and in research, and industrial development. With our background and experiences, we can offer solution for a wide range of geotechnical and engineering geological problems from the material testing till the design of a project. We have broad links and intense research activities at national and international level (radioactive waste disposal, slope stability, natural stone and historic monuments, renders with CO2 storage potential, etc.)

Civil Engineering & Mining
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Research, Training & Education
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