ThermoDrill (EU project)
Fast track innovative drilling system for deep geothermal challenges in Europe
Project type:

Research / Development & Innovation

Project Location:

Various sites in Europe

Project Leader:


GeoEnergy Europe Partners:
Non GEE Partners:

Bestec (DE), RAG Energy Drilling (AT), Inerci Ingeniria (ES), Munich Technical University (DE), Sirius-ES Handeis (AT), Smith International Italia (IT), Geo-Energie Suisse (CH)

Background & context:

Geothermal wells often have to be drilled through very hard rock formations. This takes state-of the art drilling equipment to its limits, resulting in an urgent need for a faster and more durable technology. 

Project Summary:

The ThermoDrill project goal is developing a fast and cost-efficient drilling system based on an innovative combination of conventional rotary drilling and water jetting.

Project achievements & innovative aspects:

1) New drilling technology: the combination of conventional rotary drilling with high pressure water jetting will afford at least a 100% increase in the rate of penetration in hard rock, and an associated cost reduction of more than 30%. 2) Novel drilling fluids: The ThermoDrill project set out to find a fluid which acts not only as a drilling fluid but also supports the jetting process. 3) Unique drill bit prototype: The drill bit needs to withstand the enormous hydraulic pressure transferred through the bit to the jetting nozzles.

Project Funding:
EU H2020
Project Budget:
5 824 745 €
Website / Further Information:
The GEO-ENERGY EUROPE project is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020)