GEOTeCH (EU project)
Geothermal Technology for €conomic Cooling and Heating
Project type:

Research / Development & Innovation

Project Location:

Various sites in Europe

Project Leader:

Solintel (ES)

Non GEE Partners:

Rina Consulting (ES), Groenholland Geo Energies (NL), Conrad Stanen (NL), CISI (ES), Armengol & Ros (ES), Stuwa Konrad Stukerjurgen (DE), Geothex BV (NL), HIREF (IT), Fundacion TRO (ES), De Montfort University (UK), University of Bologna (IT), Katholieke U Leuven (BE), University of Padova (IT), University of Leeds (UK)

Background & context:

The need for rapid growth of the application of geothermal heating and cooling technology in most Member States will be a challenge in terms of market development, increasing consumer/developer appeal and encouraging new participants to join the GSHP installation industry (mostly SMEs) as well as meeting cost and quality expectations.

Project Summary:

GEOTeCH project aims to stimulate and promote greater utilization of renewable heating and cooling using shallow geothermal GSHP systems through advancement of innovative drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies that are significantly more cost-effective, affordable and efficient than current technology.

Project achievements & innovative aspects:

1. Develop innovative drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies. 2. Develop system solutions that make the best use of hybrid heat pump and control technologies so that efficient replicable “plug and play” whole systems can be offered to the housing and small building market sectors.3. Widening application of GSHPs by improving the uptake of foundation heat exchanger technology through better design, robust control systems, optimal hybridization and integration as well as improved life-cycle cost effectiveness.

Project Funding:
EU H2020
Project Budget:
9 025 458,75 €
Website / Further Information:
The GEO-ENERGY EUROPE project is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020)