GEMex (EU project)
Cooperation in Geothermal energy research Europe-Mexico for development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Superhot Geothermal Systems
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Project type : Research / Development & Innovation

Project Address:

Potsdam / Germany

Project Leaders:

GFZ Helmoltz (DE)

GeoEnergy Europe Partners:
Non GEE Partners:

University of Utrecht (NL), RTWH Aachen University (DE), National Research Council (IT), Institute for Energy Techniques (NO), INOGS (IT), University of Bergen (NO), University of Rome (IT), ENEA (IT), Pisa School of Advanced Studies (IT), UK Research&Innovation (UK), Hochschule Bochum (DE), Univerisity of Torino (IT), Polish Geological Survey (PO), IGA Service (DE)

Project Location:

Mexico and EU

Project achievements and innovative aspects:

1) Unconventional resource assessment at the EGS site of Acoculco and the super-hot resource near Los Humeros. 2) Reservoir characterization using conventional and novel techniques, coupled with high-pressure/ high-temperature laboratory experiments. 3) Concepts for Site Development to define drill paths, well design, optimum stimulation and operation procedures for safe and economic exploitation.

Background & context:

Hot dry wells in Acoculco, with temperatures of 300 °C at 2km depth, led to the recommendation of EGS techniques. The northern part of the Los Humeros geothermal field shows "super hot" temperatures (>380 °C ), however, agressive fluid chemistry pose a challenge to the methods and materials used for drilling and well completion.

Project Summary:

The GEMex project is a complementary effort of a European consortium with a corresponding consortium from Mexico.

Project Funding:
EU H2020
Project Budget:
9 999 792,50 €
The GEO-ENERGY EUROPE project is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020)