EGOGI Geothermal Project
Project type:

Power Production

Project Location:

Rittershoffen, near Strasbourg, France

Project Leader:
Background & context:

Geothermal resouces in the Rhine graben region of Alsace have been the focus of research and development since1985, notably with the development of the EGS demonstration project at Soultz-sous-Forêts, 40 km north of Strasbourg.

Project Summary:

A geothermal doublet delivers 24 MWth of heat to a site 15 km away, covering 25% of the site’s industrial heating demand. Inaugurated in 2017, Rittershoffen is the first development in France with the specific aim of producing geothermal heat for direct integration with industrial processes. Geothermal fluids (±1700C) are delivered to the site via a tube and return pipe buried at a depth of 1.5 m, and returned to the well site for reinjection.

Project achievements & innovative aspects:

Improving the transmission of geothermal fluids. The Rittershoffen project demonstrates the economic feasibility of long-distance transmission of geothermal fluids using innovative techniques. The Rittershoffen pipe was laid without creating trenches in the manner of building a tunnel. The laying of 15 km pipeline required going under a highway and a railway line.

Project Funding:
ADEME, Région de Grand Est
Inauguration 2017; duration 20 years
Project Budget: