CHPM2030 (EU project)
Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction from ultra-deep ore bodies
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Project type : Research / Development & Innovation

Project Address:

Miskolc / Hungary

Project Leaders:

University of Miskolc (HU)

GeoEnergy Europe Partners:
3S Kale Enerji A.S.
University of Szeged, Dep
Non GEE Partners:

UK Research & Innovation (UK), National Environment Research Council (UK), La Palma Centre for Future Studies (ES), Gunter Triess (AT), Insitutul Geologic al Romania (RO), Katholieke Universiteit Undersokning (BE), Minpol GmBH (AT)

Project Location:

Various sites in Europe

Project achievements and innovative aspects:

In the technology envisioned the metal-bearing geological formation will be manipulated in a way that the co-production of energy and metals will be possible, and may be optimised according to the market demands at any given moment in the future.As a final outcome the project will deliver blueprints and detailed specifications of a new type of future facility that is designed and operated from the very beginning as a combined heat, power and metal extraction system.

Background & context:

Working at the frontiers of geothermal resources development, minerals extraction and electro-metallurgy the project aims at converting ultra-deep metallic mineral formations into an “orebody-EGS” that will serve as a basis for the development of a new type of facility for “Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction.”

Project Summary:

CHPM2030 aims to develop a novel and potentially disruptive technology solution that can help satisfy the European needs for energy and strategic metals in a single interlinked process.

Project Funding:
EU H2020
Project Budget:
4 235 567,50 €
The GEO-ENERGY EUROPE project is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020)