Cachan subhorizontal geothermal Doublet
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Project type : District Heating

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Paris / France

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Project achievements and innovative aspects:

Geosteering Optimization: Rotary Steerable System, LWD and Real-time Geochemistry. A 7/24 team surveyed parameters recorded while drilling, allowing real-time adjustments to the well trajectory and appraisal of varying reservoir properties. Wireline logging: Wireline log (NMR-CMC and Sonic dipole porosity, permeability tools) correlation with drain productive segments. Porosity, density and lithology logging while drilling (LWD) informed geosteering drain trajectories. The first application on French geothermal projects of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR/CMR) and dipole sonic logs proved rewarding and of great significance.

Background & context:

Geothermal District Heating doublets in the Central part of the Paris Basin face two major concerns: (i) the replacement of aging/declining/damaged well infrastructures and productive/injective capacities, (ii) GDH doublet densities, which limit well replacement opportunities and new development in urban areas.

Project Summary:

The concept of subhorizontal geothermal doublets raises considerable interest among geothermal operators reclaiming areas undergoing moderate to poor (by geothermal standards) reservoir performance.

Project Funding:
Ongoing (Doublet completed 2018)
Project Budget:
The GEO-ENERGY EUROPE project is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020)